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iHeart Pediatrics is a pediatric cardiology practice located in Old Bridge, New Jersey, that focuses on providing exceptional cardiac care from infancy through adolescence. Founder and experienced Pediatric Cardiologist Laura Boulos, DO, is the sole physician at iHeart Pediatrics and is dedicated to providing comprehensive and individualized care to every patient and family, knowing that in pediatrics, no two patients are alike. The practice is flexible, family-friendly, and prides itself on open communication.

Some of the many conditions evaluated at iHeart Pediatrics include chest painheart murmurssyncope (fainting), congenital heart problems, and arrhythmias.

The practice has state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities on-site, including electrocardiography and echocardiography technology, and provides portable Holter and event monitoring devices for in-depth cardiac assessments.

Dr. Boulos also performs fetal echocardiography to detect heart abnormalities in unborn babies.

iHeart Pediatrics was developed from a true love and passion for Pediatric Cardiology, the patients, and their families.  Patients can expect a warm and welcoming environment, all the while receiving the best care.  Call or book your appointment online today, we look forward to meeting with you and having the privilege to take part in your care.

iHeart Pediatrics is excited to meet you.

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Please call the office to schedule an appointment at (732) 475-2150

Our address is 69 Highway 516 in Old Bridge, NJ 08857


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